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Operating in the spirit of our core value and motto “Science First”, the NGHWDF is a non-profit corporation that serves the global community by providing an all inclusive resource rich platform for the research, conservation and management of the New Guinea Highland Wild Dog and closely related canid species.  The foundation acts as a liaison, fund site and conduit for scientific pursuits, coordinating a broad range of efforts and fields of study conducted at AZA zoos, USDA/APHIS facilities, universities, and private interests.  Through unraveling the secrets of these rare, unique canids, we will help answer the questions of our own humanity. 


Our purpose is to provide a stable foundation on which to build knowledge and understanding that allows for cooperative, creative collaboration in studying both the Highland Wild Dog species and related scientific pursuits to endure for many generations to come.

​​​new guinea highland wild dog foundation, inc


​HALO!  (Hello in Bahasa Indonesian)

The New Guinea Highland Wild Dog Foundation was established by founder James “Mac” McIntyre and his friend and mentor, Dr. I. Lehr Brisbin, co-founder, for the pursuit of studying and conserving the New Guinea Highland Wild Dog.  Based on the principle and motto of “Science First”, the foundation wishes to provide a central platform for the best and brightest to research and examine genetics, behavior, conservation, reproductive science and management, and a host of other data and information regarding the HWD.  The NGHWDF will both seek and provide funding for worthy projects and studies in partnership with universities, zoos and other qualified facilities and persons. 
The NGHWDF will also establish a DNA based registry and, with genetic support from UC Davis and Cornell Universities, offer centralized breeding resources for all HWDs and captive NGSDs.  Boasting some of the most preeminent scientists in the world, the foundation hopes to facilitate research to better understand canid evolution, canid-human co-evolution, taxonomy and phylogeny, and many other related topics.
These studies are now possible due to the recent re-discovery of the HWD in its indigenous habitat.  Previously, all research was based on captive NGSD populations, which was problematic due to the unknown effects of captivity and breeding within a restricted gene pool.  The availability of HWD specimens and biological samples creates a nearly endless world of possibilities for future research and understanding this “missing link” species.   This research will not only contribute to our understanding of canids, but human evolution, as well. 

​SELAMAT DATANG!  (Welcome in Bahasa Indonesian)

​​When you consider what this discovery represents scientifically, it's easy to see that not only is this an exciting time, but a busy time, now and long into the future.    Our goal is to provide a resource rich platform and fund site for Cooperative, Collaborative, Creative scientific discovery, the 3C Principle, guided by our founding core belief "Science First".   Since the discovery of HWDs in their natural range, the NGHWDF has been busy with preparations.  Genetic testing of samples collected has begun and early results are in and will be posted soon.

​Planning for future expeditions is well under way, a scientific publication is near completion and the Foundation is seeking talented, committed people to help to us in our pursuit of science.  (See ENGAGE .)   We have been fortunate to have attracted some of the top scientists in the world, with more joining the project every day, who are excited to participate and provide leadership and guidance.   As a not for profit Private Operating Foundation (501c3), we have begun seeking grants and are currently funded by private benefactors. 

​In addition to providing a central resource hub for the future of HWDs and NGSDs, we will also support educational programs, grants and other ventures, to include interactive classroom outreach, and hope to see plans for a fully staffed research facility realized early on.   

​Excited?  Intrigued?  Skeptical?  Explore the website, see what we have to offer - because we offer it to YOU.  We hope you can appreciate the tremendous effort before us, and join us in building a bridge to the future.    We look forward to working with you to put "Science First"!

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