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Australian Dingo

The Australian Dingo, also referred to as an AUD, is closely related and possibly descended from the Highland Wild Dog. 

There are four types of Australian Dingo:  The Alpine Dingo, the Frasier Island Dingo, Northern Dingo and Southern Dingo.

Recent DNA comparison studies indicate that the Southern Dingo is most closely related to the NGSD, suggesting a migration/arrival date earlier than 6000 years ago as was previously believed.  It is now proposed that the first wave of Southern Dingoes were not transported by or with humans but instead traveled over an exposed land bridge on their own prior to the Neolithic expansion and predating agriculture.

​Alpine Dingo

​​​Frasier Island Dingo

Northern Dingo

​Southern Dingo

NGSD ​New Guinea Singing Dog

The New Guinea Singing Dog is the captive descendent of the HWD.  Because all NGSDs come from a very small foundation stock and the overall population of captive animals remains small, it is unclear what effect captive breeding has had over the past 60 years. 

While they are certainly closely related to the HWD, it is unknown if they are genetically the same species or if the captives have evolved into a subspecies.  We hope to have answers to this and other questions in the near future.

In addition, many experts believe there are two variants of NGSD (possibly three).  One variant is heavier and more robust where the other is slighter and thinner.  It's not known if this is a artifact of captive breeding or if the traits predate captivity and are the result of mountain forest vs. coastal lowland eco-niches.

​Slighter Variant (Lowland)

​​​Heavier Variant (Highland)

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