​The NGWHDF wants YOU...

​...To Join Us in Science First 3C Discovery

The NGHWDF has opportunities for everyone, from top level scientist to interested volunteer.  We believe everyone has worth and a valuable contribution to make.  We hope you will join us in Science First, Discovery and lend your time and talent to current and upcoming research. 

​Please take a moment to review our departmental and committee level needs below.  If you're not sure where your particular skill set would best fit, see our General Volunteer Section below for more information.

​We look so forward to meeting you and working with you in the future!

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​Engage...Something for Everyone

​Department Level
Our current organizational structure is conceptual and designed to evolve.  Departments and Departmental Directors represent the executive leadership tier of the organization.  Directors will typically be professionals with doctorates or other credentials equivalent to graduate or doctoral work.
Because many of our department level advisors and partners are in universities, firms or other organizations, they will of course choose their own interns and support staff.  However, the NGHWDF still needs liaison support staff to interface with department level work taking place. 

Department level needs include:  Treasurer, AZA/Captive Management Planning  Director, Chief Financial Officer, Director of Education, Grants and  Funding Executive Director, Director of Strategic Planning, Executive Logistics Coordinator and Director of Behavioral Sciences, among others.

Research Funding and compensation may be available in the future.

Interested parties should contact NGHWDF Founder Jim McIntyre directly at jmcintyre@nghwdf.org.
​Committee Level
Committees and Committee Chairpersons represent the middle management tier of the organization.  Committee Chairpersons will typically be professionals or experts within their respective disciplines. 
Committee Chairpersons will be provide coordination between subcommittees, external agencies and organizations, and the public with department or board level tiers of the foundation.

A degree or certificate is desirable but not required, though candidates should have ample equivalent experience and commensurate expertise in the applicable field.

Committee Chairpersons should excel in the following areas:  Organizational skills, written and oral communication, management and leadership abilities, proficient with all MS Office applications, and be self motivated as well as motivating to others.

Interested parties should complete and submit the application below or send a resume to the applicable department using the address on our CONTACT  Page.
​Subcommittees and Interest Groups
Subcommittees and Interest Groups comprise the working group tier of the organization.  These groups are led by Team Leaders and comprised of anyone with the willingness to work as part of a team to complete projects in support of the science and research.
​Subcommittees and Interest Groups will work in 3C effort with the related Committee to develop policy and guidance, design care and handling protocols, identify and accomplish support objectives, assist with logistics and strategic planning, and many other tasks and/or programs. 

Persons who wish to contribute on the Subcommittee or Interest Group tier of the organization need no special training, experience or education.  Individuals or groups interested in this level of engagement need only be motivated, dedicated and excited to participate in ground breaking scientific research and discovery. 

If you are willing to embrace our core value of Science First and have a desire to contribute, complete and submit the application below or send a resume to the applicable department using the address on our CONTACT Page.
​Support Roles and General Volunteers
Want to participate but not sure where you fit?  Rest assured, the NGHWDF has a role for you and your help is wanted and appreciated. 
The NGHWDF needs talented folks to help staff Committees, Subcommittees and Interest Groups, as well as assist with administrative support activities.   We're happy to find a place where you can find fulfilling accomplishment as you explore foundation work. 

Our administrative support activity needs include:  Information technology and website design/administration, attorneys and legal advisors, non-profit expertise, acquisitions and asset management, contracting, grant writers and administrators, finance and accounting, scholarship administration, newsletter and blog, national and international liaison support services, travel coordinators, rescue related support such as transport coordinators and foster caretakers, and much more.

Complete and submit the application below or send a resume to engage@nghwdf.org.

NGHWDF Volunteer Application

Phone Number
Profession/Job Title
How did you hear of the NGHWDF?
How long in current position?
Experience, Skills and Areas of Expertise
Hobbies and Interests
Certifications, Achievements & Accomplishments
Are you able to work online and/or in a cloud based environment?
Are you willing and able to travel for work with the NGHWDF?
What is your availability?
How many hours a week or month would you like to contribute?
Are there any particular things you would prefer to NOT do?
What, if any, experience do you have with dogs, especially NGSDs or primitive canids?
Are you willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, Ethics Compliance and Policy Acknowledgment?
Are you 18 years of age or older?
Age if under 18.
What position are you interested in or how/where would you like to contribute to the NGHWDF?

​Thank you for submitting your application and your desire to be of service!

Applicants under 18 may not be eligible for all positions and must have a parent or guardian's permission to participate.  Completion and submission of application does not guarantee any particular assignment nor consitute any agreement or promise on the part of the NGHWDF.

​The NGHWDF is an equal opportunity organization and does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, or disability.