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Contributing Photographers and Artists

​The NGHWDF would like to give special thanks and recognition to our contributing photographers and artists.  Their work and generosity is the very embodiment of our 3C Philosophy, and we are so grateful for their gift of talent and creativity.

The beautiful imagery featured on our website is possible only through the generosity of the many talented photographers and artists who have graciously agreed to share their work here.  Our website features the artwork of professionals and amateurs alike, and we encourage you to take a moment to get to know them through their biographies and examples of their art showcased below. 

Not only do their contributions make for a rich and engaging website, many of their photos serve as scientific exemplars and visual aids.  Science is a beautiful thing, indeed!
During the development phase, the images on our website were taken from public sources and free clip art/photo stock sites.  Images with copyright marks or attribution were not used and every effort was made to identify the photographer and/or verify that the photo was indeed public domain.  If your photo appears on our site without proper credit, please call it to our attention so we can take appropriate steps to obtain permissions, assign proper credit or remove it.   All photo credits will appear on this page.

If we have mistakenly used your photo without credit or permission, please know that it was not intentional and accept our deepest apologies.  For issues with website imagery, please contact llwolf@nghwdf.org.

As credited photos are added to our site (or existing photos updated), we will devote this page and the space below  to our contributing photographers, featuring their photos, biographies, stories and other contributions to showcase and promote their work.

​ATTENTION:  The imagery on this page is the property of the individual photographer or artist and may not be reproduced, shared or otherwise used without their express permission.  Please contact them directly to make arrangements.  Thank you in advance for respecting their work. 

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​​​new guinea highland wild dog foundation, inc
​Anne & Bruce Baker

​Anne and Bruce Baker are long time members of the NGSD community.    When we put out the very unusual request for very specific shots of male dogs from the rear for comparison exemplars, Anne made Finn famous by providing candid photos of his personal business. 

​Many thanks to Bruce, Anne and especially Finn for making these images possible.  Finn is pictured to the right with his NGSD lady friend, Gracie.

​Anne's image of Finn appears on the   HWDs   page.
​Anne & Bruce Baker
​Tom Hewitt

​Tom Hewitt, Director of Adventure Alternative Borneo, took the now famous image of a possible HWD he encountered during an ecotrek in the Star Mountains of New Guinea in 2012.  While the dog could not be confirmed as a HWD via DNA, the image was exciting and inspired hope and conversation.

​Tom also accompanied Mac McIntyre, acting as guide and logistics coordinator, during the 2016 ecotrek.

​Tom's images appear on the THE HEWITT PHOTO  page.
​Tom Hewitt

​Contributing photographers and artists will be offered space and featured in the following section.

Photographers and Artists can use this space for a short biography.

​The gallery to the left can be viewed by using the arrow keys or by clicking on the gallery to view in expanded mode with image descriptions.
  1. NGSD Singing
    NGSD Singing
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    Stock Image
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    Carstenzs Pyramid
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    New Guinea Forest
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​​Each photographer/artist 3C creative space allows for images, text, a contact button, and a small gallery to showcase their work.  Other design options are available.  Please contact llwolf@nghwdf.org for more information.   ​​

​Content must be approved by the NGHWDF and we reserve the right to limit or remove content that may be deemed inappropriate or offensive.
Are you a photographer or videographer interested in working in New Guinea to film expeditions and document field work? 

Are you interested in arranging for access within the United States to film or photograph HWDs, NGSDs or Dingoes? 

Contact us at Photography@nghwdf.org