Scientific Publications

​Rethinking Dog Domestication by Integrating Genetics, Archeology and Biogeography
The Role of Large Canids:
Preliminary Variabilities Forming the Population Structure in Moravia
​Global Hunting Adaptations to Early Holocene Temperate Forests: Intentional Dog Burials as Evidence of Hunting Strategies
Animal Umwelten in a Changing World:  Zoosemiotic Perspectives
Hunting dogs as environmental
adaptations in J¯omon Japan

​Animal Remains from the Getawaaking Site
Out of Southern East Asia: The Natural History of Domestic Dogs Across the World
A Typology of Dog Deposition in Archaeological Contexts
Cranial Shape and the Modularity of Hybridization in Dingoes and Dogs
Co-evolution of Humans and Canids:  An Alternative View of Dog Domestication: Homo Homini Lupus?
Encyclopedia of Global Archeology; Dog Domestication
A Wolf in Dog's Clothing: Initial Dog Domestication and Pleistocene Wolf Variation
​For the Love of Dog:  Why Dogs?  A Discussion on the Domestication of the Dog
Identification of genomic variants
putatively targeted by selection during dog

Deciphering Dog Domestication Through a Combined Ancient DNA and
Geometric Morphometric Approach

Holocene Climate Change:  Hunting Adaptations and Dog Burials
Modified Predator Mandible and Maxilla Artifacts and Predator Symbolism in Illinois Hopewell
Differential Effects of Oxytocin on Social Sensitivity in Two Distinct Breeds of Dogs
The Genomics of Selection in Dogs and the
Parallel Evolution Between Dogs and Humans

Dogs May Have Been Domesticated More Than Once
Prehistoric Japanese Graves Provide Best Evidence Yet That Dogs Were Our Hunting Partners
Genomic and Archaeological Evidence Suggests a Dual Origin of Domestic Dogs
Canid Hybridization: Contemporary Evolution in
Human-Modified Landscapes

How Wolf Became Dog
​Wild Dogs and Village Dogs in New Guinea:  Were They Different?

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